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Being prepared for the weather
Tents and climate-control equipment for wet, hot or cold days
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    Spring and fall are the most popular times for outdoor weddings in the Cape Fear region, partly because temperatures are comfortable and seasonal rains infrequent.
    But that doesn’t mean summer heat or winter cold necessarily eliminate the other months, if a tent is used. Side curtains, which include window panels for visibility and natural light, allow large tents to be cooled or heated. Rental companies offer climate-control systems so a reception in a tent is truly a year-round possibility.
    By Northern standards – and even by comparison with North Carolina’s Piedmont region – Wilmington winters are mild. Daytime temperatures in the 50s and 60s are common, and even 70s aren’t unusual, during December, January and February.
    While it would be reckless not to be prepared for colder weather, a daytime event outdoors can often be quite pleasant even in the “off season.”
    One helpful contingency is to rent portable propane-powered heaters of the sort used by restaurants to keep outdoor dining areas comfortable in cool weather.
    At the opposite extreme, intense summer heat can be mitigated with evaporative systems that blow air through a cooling water mist. These devices work best when humidity is moderate, which isn’t always the case in mid-summer.
    About worst-case weather scenarios: Cape Fear got its name, centuries ago, because our region has been hit by many hurricanes. September and October, normally times of beautiful weather, are also the peak of hurricane season. But storms serious enough to disrupt events remain rare, typically hitting the region only once every two to three years on average.
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Being prepared for weather
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