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The groom's cake
Old tradition is bride's gift to her groom
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   The groom's cake is a special way of honoring the groom. It is usually a gift from the bride to the groom, and is traditionally a dark cake of fruits and nuts and/or soaked in liquor.
    The cake may be presented at any time during the wedding celebration, and is sometimes included as one of the layers in the bridal cake. However, it is also nice served as a toast to the groom at the rehearsal dinner in an intimate tribute to the wedding attendants and special guests.
    Special boxed miniature groom's cakes are also available and make lovely gifts for your attendants. This follows the superstition that a maiden who sleeps with a slice of groom's cake under her pillow will dream of her own future groom.
    Tradition also says that a bride who keeps a piece of her wedding cake will have a faithful and loving husband.
    One of the nicest traditions of all is that of saving part of the wedding cake to share on your first anniversary celebration. Before the advent of the home freezer, the groom's cake was always the cake reserved for this occasion, as the heavy fruit and liquor-soaked cakes had a very long shelf life.
    So many wedding traditions are focused on the bride. Including a groom's cake as part of your wedding is a nice way to balance things.

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The groom's cake
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